Redhawk Native American Arts Council is a Not-for-profit 501C3 Indigenous arts and cultural organization, founded and maintained by Native American artists and educators. We are dedicated to educating the public and breaking stereotypes by presenting the traditions and culture of Native People from across North, South, Central America, the Caribbean and the Polynesian Islands.

Each year, Native American students are chosen to receive scholarship funds to help with higher education expenses. Students from the NYC area are encouraged to apply. Our work and commitment to the Arts and Culture of the Americas First People must not end.

Please click on the following link if you are interested in making a tax deductible donation. Donating $50 or more will add you to our VIP list and gain you expedited access to our PowWows.

Pay by check: Please write a check payable to the Redhawk Native American Arts Council and send it to 1022 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219 .

We also accept donations of used cars and office equipment. If you would like to volunteer at our events or in our offices, please call us at (718) 686-9297 or email us at

Thank you from the Redhawk Native American Arts Council!