Native Artists, Performers, Educators

To book any of the following artists, contact Redhawk Native American Arts Council at:

cliff photographer2 Cliff Matias (Kichwa, Taino)
Located in New York City and Hawai’i
Artist, educator, photographer, hoop dancer, actor
Redhawk Native American Arts Council: 718-686-9297
Ginew Benton (Ojibwe)
Filmaker, Dancer, Singer
Chenae Bullock Chenae Bullock (Shinnecock and Montauk )
Located in Long Island, New York
Eastern Blanket dancer, singer, eastern Algonquin dancer, water protector, cultural preservationist, and humanitarian.
Lucero Cavelight (Navajo, Aztec)
Located in Brooklyn, NY
Traditional and fancy dancer & artist
Vernon Chrisjohn (Oneida)
Bow Maker, Carver
Ericson Gomez (Mayan)
Mayan Weaver, Bead-work, carving and traditional art
Ericson Miriam Gomez
General Grant (Lakota, Cherokee)
Artist, Sculptor, Silversmith, Performing Artist, Lecturer
Jay Hamby
Tipi Builder, Leatherwork, Beadwork, Carver
Katy Isennock (Lakota)
Artist, educator, cultural interpreter, model, champion fancy shawl dancer
Ron Jackson
Sculptor, Beadwork, Artist
Dennis King (Shinnecock, Montauk, Mohegan)
Carver, Sculptor
S.A. Lawrence-Welch S.A. Lawrence-Welch (Métis / Néhiyaw)
Located in Portland, Oregon
Culture and Language Advocate, Speaker and Activist. Speaking Areas: Intergenerational Trauma: The Canadian Residential School System & Indian Boarding Schools & The 60’s Scoop; Indigenous Youth in Foster Care/Wards of the System; Rediscovering Cultural Connection; Being Mixed Indigenous – Who Am I, And Where Do I Belong?
Johnny Lema (Kechuwa)
Located in Bronx, NY
Traditional Incan Artist lecturer and educator
Allen McCabe (Navajo)
Lance White Magpie (Lakota)
Located in Brooklyn, NY.
Traditional and Grass dancer, artist, guitarist, bassist, traditional flute player, educator, actor and model
Robert White Magpie (Lakota)
Located in Brooklyn NY Traditional and Grass dancer, artist, guitarist, bassist, traditional flute player, actor and model
Anton Martinez (Yaqui)
Traditional silver smith
raven Raven Matias (Mohawk)
Located in Brooklyn, NY
Traditional Dancer artist and performer
Jessica Martinez Maxey (Afro-Cuban, Spanish, Ecuadorian Cayapa)
Located in New York, NYNative wind instruments, acoustic guitar, and conga
Jenni Monet (Laguna Pueblo)
Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker
Lurch Pagan (Taino)
Carver, Leatherwork, Beadwork
Daniel Ramirez
Painter, Illustrator
Taino Ray
Martha Redbone (Choctaw, Cherokee, Shawnee)


Valerie Rivera (Taino)
Brooklyn, NY Artist, educator, model, actor
Wayahsti Richardson
Artist, Performing Artist, Bustle Maker
Sapphira Scott (Navajo)
Dan Loudfoot-Simonds (Mashantucket Pequot)
Artist, Jeweler, Educator, Eastern War Dancer
Website: Wampum Wear
Ray and Linda Steel (Cherokee)
Traditional Native American artists, beaders and jewlery makers
Tchin (Blackfoot, Narragansett)
Storyteller, Arts and Cultural Educator
Eli Thomas
Illustrator and Painter
Ben Turquoise (Navajo)
Southwestern Artist
Beverly (Ojibeway)
Traditional dancer, artist and accomplished in traditional bead-work, leather-work and feather-work
Janene Yazzie (Navajo)
Native American performing artist, consultant and keynote speaker on Native American rights, issues and using Indigenous philosophies as teaching aids
Peruvian Scissors Dancers
Concilio Taino Guatu-Ma-Cu A Boriken
Gonzalo Echevarria
Polynesian Dance