Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Reactions to Redhawk Programs & Workshops

“Your recent performance and workshop at Grace Church School was much appreciated by both students and faculty.  As you know, your program is an integral part of the dance curriculum, the hoop dance in particular, but this year your Eastern Woodlands program was also particularly meaningful for our third graders and their social studies curriculum.  I extend my personal thanks for bringing us your dances, your music, and your educational wisdom year after year; and I look forward to seeing you at Grace Church School again in 2012.”

Laurel Lesio, Music and Dance, Grace Church School

“Their rapport with the kids was the best we have seen, they kept the kids on the edge of their seats.”

— Thomas Warren Ph.D., New York City Board to Education

“They did a superb job, appealing to a wide range of ages and stages, from the hoop dance to sign language, their earnestness mixed with humor was artful and engaging.”

— Ellen Meyer Shorb, Mountain Lakes Cultural Arts Director

“We received many wonderful comments about the performance, their willingness to share the teaching of various Native customs throughout the America’s made the programs our best ever.”

— Margaret A. Shohan, Department of the Army Communications Command, FT Monmouth

“Thank you for a terrific performance, the boys in the group are quite a rowdy bunch but they listened and watched intently. The parents appreciated the message about working hard, respecting your elders and doing your best.”

— Marica Literati, Cub Scout Pack 44

“Your excellent presentation was educational, enlighten and empowering. I was amazed at the level of participation from my college students, they enjoyed the program from start to finish especially the hoop dancer.”

— Diego L. Colon Ph.D., Director – College Discovery Program City University of New York