Gateway to Nations Pow Wow 2016

Dear Redhawk Supporters,

Thank you for your continued involvement and support for the Arts Council.  The recent news about the cancellation of our annual Gateway to Nations Pow Wow has been a big disappointment to us and to our yearly attendees. We’ve received an incredible out pour of phone calls and emails from participants who have been a part of this event throughout the years.  We’d like to inform you that we are doing our very best to bring this event back to New York City.

Redhawk has hosted this event since July of 1994 at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn’s Gateway National Park.  For the first years we partnered with the National Park Services but more recently the Aviator Events center took over the grounds for the event. Over the years the once beautiful grass field has been reduced to a dirt mound, making it unsafe for our visitors and participants. This year Aviator informed us that to host the event they will be charging us $10,000 in rental fees.  The amount along with the conditions of the grounds, were deemed unacceptable for the Arts Council.

We are currently trying our best to bring this event back to Brooklyn in 2017. Our most recent effort has been a meeting with the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams . The pow wow has had a wonderful history in Brooklyn, and we wish to continue bringing this event to serve our community.  Yet for now the two decade old tradition has sadly come to an end in Brooklyn. We truly appreciate your support and participation at our event throughout the years.  We hope to bring you news of continuing the tradition of our pow wow next year.

Warm Regards,
Redhawk Native American Arts Council