Gateway Dancers’ Info

Gateway Prize List

Registration is ALWAYS FREE !

Adults 18+ (Traditional, Jingle, Grass, Fancy)

1st-$800, 2nd-$600, 3rd-$400, 4th-$200
Teens 13-17yrs (Traditional, Jingle, Grass, Fancy)
1st-$400, 2nd-$250, 3rd-$150
Juniors 6-12yrs (Boys combined & Girls combined)
1st-$150, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$75
Tiny Tots 0-5yrs
Day $$
Women’s Fancy Shawl
Men’s Traditional
Men’s Grass Dance
All Specials are hosted by individuals and are subject to change. For more information. or email: (718) 686-9297
Suggested Lodging

-Camping Available on site

– Best Western #718-769-5000

– Comfort Inn #718-368-3334