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  1. Miss dancing in your pow wow. It’s been 17 yrs I was part of the Nacion Taina and participated in many of your pow wows. I’m not young anymore but I know I still have it in me to dance keep up the great work. Hello to my Oglala Lakota family in Madison South Dakota I miss you my Oya’te.

  2. I took my almost three year old granddaughter to your Pow-Wow in Sunset Park on November 18, 2017. This was the second Pow-Wow she has attended. We had a wonderful time. The dancers were so talented, besides being warm and friendly. Looking forward to more in the future.

  3. Please, if possible, offer a powwow in eastern Pennsylvania-Montgomery or Bucks county where public transit buses stop within a mile of powwow.

  4. I was sad to hear you will not be having the Pow Wow at Floyd Bennet field anymore. Have you found another location for it or will we have to suffer without it this year.?

  5. I’ve been to the Pow Wow in Brooklyn and hearing the pounding of the drums and feeling the power I cant help but smile and dance on the side. My spirit just rejoices. My heart and blood flows. Keep showing what everyone is missing! The beauty and spirit of a beautiful culture.

  6. my husband and I went to Anthony wayne this past sunday(yesterday 8-8-14) and we enjoyed ourselves very much–we arrived at 11:30- and stayed until the end–we loved it–the people were so very friendly–I bought some music and ate great food–loved the pumpkin fry bread–may god bless you all-my husband is a viet-nam vet and he was proud to stand up with the other vets–I can’t thank you enough–looking for next years event—be blessed with our creator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Thank you for your response need more info on powwows in your area to attend. Thank you sincerely, Ms Ora Lee Everett wado!

  9. Looking ahead to Bear Mountain…although I haven’t been to one in a while, I’ve known of your powwows for a long time now…Good to see they are still going on. Hope to see you soon.

  10. my family and I just got back from the powwow at FDR park and it was wonderful. great food—my picky eater son LOVED the curly potatoes and my husband and I split the most delicious smoked salmon plate—great dancing and music, and just a marvelous experience. One of my favorite moments was the blessing of beautiful baby Adam , we felt honored to be part of that intimate experience. OUR THANKS TO ALL FOR A MAGICAL DAY :).

    The Davies Family

  11. i am very far away from being a native – my roots are in Europe. as long as i am in America i have
    been interested in the people that are the original Americans. my ex-husband was from pr and therefore part of the taino tribe – so my kids are a part natives. i been to different parts where they had pow wow’s and in Canada we visited many places were natives were and we made friends with a native family. on one tour of a rebuilt native settlement (if they call it that) we met a nice native that invited us to his tee-pee. my kids never been so quiet and peaceful and i was really amazed of the influence he had on them teaching them about nature. i am now trying to make it to this pow wow and i am bringing an European friend so he can experience the peacefulness i experienced being there.

  12. Patricia
    September 3,2013at19:20am
    My sister Celestyiama,.I call Tye Interduce me to the powow events about 6 years or more,sence then an aweaking of anything having to do with native americans has given me a deep hungerto learn more about the people, livivg in the Bronx my sister and I wentto all most ever powwow we could She has move to Colorado sh hasn’tbto any been to any and i’ve move to Syracuse NY Nothing here With the will of the Creator I weii be there at FDRon the 22,godbless

  13. I look forward to this event. I been to many pow wows After All I am a native american. BOTH OF MY PARENTS are from the res, My MOM IS one of the orignal 12.If anyone who knows anything about native american history then you know what i’m talking about. I drum and fancy dance. I still sing a little but can’t chant like i use to. I look forward to seeing what this pow wow is like i hope the food is good or at least the fry bread is good. I hope is everything that I’m told it is. AS EVERYONE KNOWS We are a proud people. My grand dads pic hangs in the BIA building in DC. I’m pround of my past and excited about my heritage.

  14. I enjoy reconnecting with the history that is brought to me by attending Pow Wows. Such beauty not only in their clothes and dances but in the history I learn as well

  15. i only attend the pow wows that redhawk council do no other, i have froms in other states an they also coming to the bear mt pow wow, i havent missed any an it keeps me intune with my culture which i am still trying to learn more about

  16. I’ve been attending the Brooklyn Powwow for years now. Living in the city makes it so easy to attend. I’ll usually tweet or post on FB so people who don’t know about this – can. It’s such a beautiful way of experiencing the Native Arts. This years felt even more magically energy……Much love and blessings to you all. Teresa Benoit-Rave


  18. I am mix native american and I appreciate being able to enjoy my Grand-grandmother’s traditions and perspectives through POW WOW’s.



  21. I just went to the Redhawk Pow wow in Sept-2012. I love Pow wows! I will go to everyone I can. I love to watch the dancing competitions. It was a beautiful day. Bought some wonderful items. After seeing Cliff in the Redhawk Tee Shirt I had to buy one for my husband. Thank you all for a wonderful day!

  22. I attended Native American Powwows in Vasa Park in Budd Lake, NJ for many years. They are some of my favorite memories, but, sadly, they are no longer held. I look forward to attending one of your powwows soon.

  23. yes this sounds very interesting maybe you can go on goggle family tree if you know your great ,great grandmothers name and your name, mothers name you can do reserch or go to your libary please let me know how you made out get back to me i lke to know too, the dress sounds beautiful. good luck my friend.

  24. I have always wondered if there was a way to find out if i have any native american roots in my family when i was a little girl my fathers mother had a beaded white indian dress and headpiece in her closet and she said it belonged to my great great great grandmother. It was so beautiful and it always made me think could i have indian blood running through me and not know it .. Would like to know how i can do the research Thank you can’t wait for the next pow wow ..

  25. i always want to go and enjoy. i hope next year i can attend i have problem with heat. hope next year well be cooler, to bad the ow wow at bear mountain not held in september or october or even june or may.

  26. I was able to attend the Bear Mountain Pow Wow again this year. I think it is an experience everyone should be apart of. I have never met a stranger there. Not v endor, dancer or even spectator. The air is filled with so much spirit. I left with the reinforced belief that we all can be as one nation, one spirit…if we see within and not just with the eye. Thank you.

  27. My family and I attended the FDR powwow last year and had a wonderful time. The turnout was perfect – not too terribly crowded and there were enough vendors to get quite a good selection of merchandise! I look forward to going to the Beat Mountain one for the first time this year as well as Yorktown Hts for the second time! How can I get on yor mailing list for upcoming event reminders?? Luckily I saved the flyer from last year to get this website! Thanks!
    ~Lonewolf Lovechild

  28. Hi brothers and sisters,
    I am from NY and every year i attend the pow wow at Floyd bennett field. I am very happy to attend this event with my family and learn about our culture. Soy taino hoy y siempre.


  29. Went to my first Pow -Wow in Brooklyn last week. Loved it. Want to know more about Native Americans and the history. I am Puertorrican, born in the Island. Love to know about all peoples that make up our nation. WIll go to the Pow Wow in September, Looking forward to be there.

  30. The first Pow wow in the Liberty Sate Park is getting close(next month in July) can’t wait to see and be there. This would be my first time. I saw the hoop dance when I was in Utah. Are there some booth that sell Native American CD music? I collect Native American CD Music, like Robert Mirabal, Joanne Shenandoah, Brule and others. I love listening to the wooden flute too! Thank you.

      1. Thank you, Taiyin for informing me. That would me my first time to see the pow wow. 😦

  31. lat year i miss it i hope ill be able to go this year i never attend a pow wow before looking forwood to it, bear mountain, its in aug. i cant take the heat do they have tents ???

  32. Great site! I miss the east coast circuit! Now living in SoCal and it is not as fun as at home (the upper midwest) or the east coast. Good luck on your powwow and I hope that someday I can attend with my grandchildren.

  33. Looking forward to come to your pow wow its my first time I know me and my family would love it …….I LOVE MY NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS. OUR American Indians NEED TO BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE……..

  34. Hi, since my first attendance to the Pow Wow at Bennet Field, i’ve looked forward to each event thereafter. Although my ethnic background is mixed, the Native American have shown obvious in my features. My grandfather(mother’s side) was Cherokee and my greatgrand mother(father’s side) was from the tribe of the Brass Ankles. Once revealed to me, i’ve celebrated my Native American background. I would love to learn so much more, so please put include me on your mail list. Thank you and see you in June.

  35. After a former girlfriend, an adoptee, found out in 1996 that her heritage was Deneh Navajo, I have been attending the Gateway To The Nations Pow-Wow at the Floyd Bennett Field section of the Gateway National Recreation Area. (Perhaps she’ll come back down from Maine to NYC to visit, and I know one of the vendors is friends with her sister, who still lives on “the Rez” in Arizona)
    At least one of the dancers is a former colleague of mine from the FDNY EMS Command.
    It is my hope to bring a few more friends and family with me this year, than I’ve previously had to this event over the years.

  36. Went to the POW WOW of 2011 and had a great, fascinating and educational experience. The dancers took me on a journey through color and sound. Each time I go I feel more energized and ready to battle the demons that haunt me. Watching the dancers helps me to understand other people. Thanks for the energy, food, fun, and education.

  37. were in nj. and when i would like to attend too i never went to either. also when you coming back to bear mountain. please let me know , God speed/

  38. Osiyo, I am a Matinecock descendant living in Oregon. We were planning on visiting New Jersey sometime this summer. I belong to the NJ Sand Hill Indians. . My wife has her heritage Caniachkoo, Sachem of the third Castle, Turtle Clan Mohawk Valley. We lived in Cheesequake NJ prior to half a life time of roaming with the USN. We hope to make it to the Pow and would like to know your home area.

  39. Another year 2012 begining, new beginnings, blessing for all family and friends, my new year wish for every one, joy, love & hapines our holy sprit God our father love, kindnes, peace. respect for others.

  40. My son-in-law’s mother joined us for powwow at the Sussex County fairgrounds. They are Woodlands Cree from the Lac La Ronge band in Canada. She loved it. She is an artisan in beadwork and footwear. She was able to get supplies and she really enjoyed the drumming and dancing. His mother had never attended a powwow before because she was taught that they are not Christian. The real irony is that her son is an ordained minister of the Reformed Church in America. He was delighted to introduce her to her culture.

  41. i have attended 2 of your pow wows – one at flloyd bennett field in june and the other upstate in sept. and enjoyed both of them. i look forward to attending more in the futre.

  42. By far, these are the most educational and fulfilling Powwows around. The vendors, the dancers, the singers, the organization, the aim and objectives, the best! I go to all of them and have become close to a number of people there. There’s nothing like Redhawk events. I’m hoping we can help one another grow.

    Yakoke am akana! Chi pisa lachike!


  43. Thank you for coming to Yorktown, Ny as you do every year. I am of mixed race, this including, Seneca(Iriqouis), Ramapo/Lenape-decent- tribes who were enemies at one point in history who’s blood runs through my veins as well as Taino. My great grandmother was a Taina from Puerto Rico and ironically, my family name is Cortes. She was sold to a Spaniard by her parents to be married off to him. My father is from Puerto Rico and my mother is Half Irish/Native American mix. I am proud of all my heritages and I am proud of being a fry-bread eater-LOL! It’s amazing how A festival that happens once a year in my area enlightens my spirit and my children as well. The effect that it has is tremendous. It was also a joy for my husband since he is from Mexico to see the Azteca dancer who displayed a spirited song and dance. We all had a good time and I have to say, all the vendors were wonderful- I can’t say that much about the food. 2 stands were horrible and they had poor attitudes- real poor for a spirited event. I think I had the worst chili I ever tasted in my life and another place had an imitation of what was suppose to be venison. Or else they had too many herbs on it that killed the taste. But, it didn’t kill our spirits nonetheless. Thank you again! Can’t wait for next year!

  44. If any one has ever gone to a Native American pow wow, you should have left there in a state of harmony and oneness with the Great Spirit ( which is another name for God). We the indians lived in peace and harmony for so many centuries and felt the oneness in spirit with the Great Spirit( GOD). Has any one ever questioned why people sang the song when they were little children ,” one little ,two little, three little indians etc.”? Well if you look back into history and if you can still find a book that wasn’t changed or re-written from the truth, you should find that the indian’s were here first with the Great One and all of the continents were not broken up and separated; but one. The problem with people today in this world is that they think with their mind and not their heart. A true indian always thinks with his/her heart and wears his/her heart on their sleeve. I should know because I always wear my heart on my sleeve, think and love from my heart only, and tell the truth to the white man. What I got in return was mockery, and punishment for telling the truth. What is wrong with the white people today? Why haven’t they changed from their ways of lying? They are fools for spitting on one of God’s little indians because He always looks after his ten little indians running around as warriors of the truth and peace. Just like God blesses those who help the Jewish people, He will also bless those who stand for the truth, no matter the cost or price to be paid. Ask me, I should know as I am native american and a warrior for the truth. Everything always goes into a full circle in life……. what you do to others will come back to you………. there’s no escaping this universal law of the Great Spirit( God). A great book to read is called,” 365 days of walking the Red Road”, by author Terri Jean. Thank you to everyone who hasn’t forgotten about us, the indian’s of the Great Spirit. If everyone could live like we use to( in peace and harmony), this would be a better and brighter world to live in and for our future…………… our children. Peace be with all of you and hopefully people will change their hearts now in order to prevent a third world shaking from happening because it is on the horizon as we speak due to man’s wicked ways and cold hearts. Crazy Horse’s spirit lives amongst us today,,,,,,,,,,,,, one of the greatest warriors in the history of the native americans and in our time.

  45. italia ooka
    i am intriqued by so much that goes on at the Pow Wows i love the Birds of Prey and the Aztec dancers and actually everything including the strawberry drinks i truly leave there with a peace of mind. please dont never stop this my children enjoy the face paintings too and its amazin how Vernon Chrisjohn makes the bows. My money is in the mail to be a member…blessings to you all

  46. I am so moved spiritually be these roots that are a part of me. I have always attended the Pow Wow`s and I always take away a stronger love for family, dance, children, food and more. The energy is alway high and the ancestors are always there with us. I loved the video and hopefully in the future there will be more. Much love and peace to this organization that is proud and shares their culture. Peace and Blessings Sister Fern

  47. this be the frist time i well attend them. like the vidieo, like to have them again in september, or october at bear mountain its near to my home. enjoy the danceing very much.

  48. Dear Redhawk;
    I have been going to Floyd Bennet Field for years and have enjoyed them very much. A few years back on the last day of the festival one of your cheifs (i believe) asked anyone who had recently lost a loved one to stand and form a circle, he had recently lost a loved one of his own as I had just lost my brother. Many, many people stood up and he began to pray and he came to me first and smudged me, and I walked with him smudging everyone who was suffering. It was so spiritual. My words can not explain how free he made me feel. I did not get to thank him but I think of him often. I think his grandfather was in Dances With Wolves. If you know who he is please thank him for me. He is always in my prayers

  49. Finally made your event in Sussex NJ this year,my family and I enjoyed the tradiontional dancing and clothing that went with it. But what was even more enjoyable for my sons was a gentleman(Ships captain 40 years) from the west coast who spent a good hour talking and telling the stories of the begining,the land bridge etc. and legends. I found that he took that much time with them16,and 11 was most gratifying. Thank You

  50. Hello! I just want to say that I am so excited about this weekend 7/9-10 in Sussex Cty! I have missed for a few years due to illness and whatnot but I’m definitely going to be there this year!!! It is always such a great enligtening and educational event to share with your loved ones and that is what I am doing this year. Now if I can get him to eat a Buffalo burger! God Bless All!

  51. My wife and I look forward to your PowWows for the past 20 years. We started to visit PowWows in Barryville, Sullivan County, NY. For many years now we have visited AntinyWayne in NY & Sussex in NJ.

    Hope to see you in Sussex 7/9 & 10. Are you making plans to come back to Barryville, NY?

  52. I’m looking forward to your Sussex County Pow Wow in July. My husband and I enjoy your culture and your art. God bless you all.


  53. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, have lived here all my life and this is the first time I am hearing of your wonderful events. I am not a native american but have an interest in native american culture although I am proud of my own. I would like to be informed of up coming events so I can attend and just observe. Thank you and blessings

  54. I would like to apologize and recognize that all of you have put a lot of time and effort into putting on such great events. I assure you our family looks forward to being with all of you every year.

    Don and family

  55. thank you …. am james j mccabe and just broke my tendons in knee area but hope to attend pow wow,,,at anthony wayne,,,,maybe the one in saratoga… long and think good thoughts on till then james junior ps cliff the man ////oh PUMA SOCKS YOUNG MISS AMERICA……///// CLAR AND CARL

  56. Hi, ‘

    I am a bone marrow recruiter from The Ivla da Silva Foundation and I would like to know if I could have a table set up at the event so I could try to recruit as many as Native Americans as possible to become Bone Marrow Donors. We are in great need of diverse racial backgrounds and the number of Native Americans in the National Registry of bone Marrow Donors is still very low. I also know a young woman who is half Native American whom desperately needs a bone marrow donor in order to survive. Please contact me at I also sent you an email with more information about The Icla da Silva Foundation. Thanking you in advance,

  57. hello would like to ask you if any events your dancers are planning on coming to California in future. I work for a non-profit youth program primary serving native Americans. and the youths have an annual youth pow-wow(October 01,2011 6th annual) and weekly dance class for the past 6 years. And would like to keep in touch we are based in San Francisco. go to web site for information on our organization excellent web page you have.

  58. My husband (grass dance) and I are SOOO excited about these upcoming Powwows. We are natives from NC and have been in NY for the past 2-3 years and have been trying to find a Powwow circuit that has the Passion that we are looking for. He is Lumbee and I am Waccamaw Siouan from NC. I just want to THANK the council for your time, efforts and energy you have put into this for the Natives who reside in NY. This makes living so far from home sooo much easier when we can come to together with other natives and fellowship like home. If there is anything we can do to help while we are still in NY… PLEASE let us know. Again thanks and we will see you NEXT WEEKEND!!! YAY!!!

  59. looking forward to my first Pow Wow for my children and me, we would like to make this a annual thing

  60. I am looking forward to my first festival next month. I have always wanted to see a Pow Wow and I hope this will be the first of many.

  61. Hi Mike, You will not be dissapointed. I do photography as a hobby and got some great shots. With all the costumes, dancers, crafts etc. you should get some really great photos. Enjoy the Pow Wow!

  62. I saw the ad for the festival in Brooklyn. I am a photographer and I like to attend many cultural events in the city. I will definitely be going in June.

  63. I have been to RedHawk Native American events in Brooklyn before. Each time I attend it is a day of such beautiful energy, culture and gorgeous dance traditions. These events are something I look forward to and tend to tell others about. It is an event not to be missed. I will post on Facebook and my website. Looking forward to seeing you all in Westpoint NY.

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