Redhawk Native American Dancers

Since 1993, the Redhawk Native American Arts Council’s performing artists have been sharing Native American dance, music, art and history with audiences around the world. Our programs entertain, educate and foster a positive image of our nation’s first culture.

Redhawk’s program combines traditions from various nations, helping our audiences understand the vast differences between Native American Nations. By combining live singing and drumming with traditional dances, social dances, and articulate verbal interpretation, we are able to create high energy, exciting programs.

Redhawk’s dance troupe members are not just performers but Native American artists and educators, who have spent their lives learning cultural traditions and history from family members and tribal elders.

Educating, Entertaining and Breaking Stereotypes

The Redhawk Dance Troupe can create programs from large theater groups with up to twenty-five performers to smaller school assemblies with as little as three. Regardless of program size we focus on three important factors: to educate; to entertain; and to break stereotypes.

Redhawk Native American Dancers

By sharing the origin and history of the dances, as well as the meaning of our traditional regalia, we provide the audience with authentic interpretations. Our dance troupe has fashioned breathtaking performances that will make one’s heart soar while experiencing an explosion of color and sound.

Redhawk Native American Dancers

Traditional dances and stories are combined with a contemporary style of presenting that continues to capture audiences around the world. Whenever possible our programs include different forms of audience participation, allowing participants to share our cultural traditions first hand.