Traveling Exhibits

Students will thoroughly enjoy the opportunity they have to see first hand, Native People’s various historical and modern items. Objects from our past, as well as our present, will be on display and available for them to handle under supervision. Includes Northern Plains, Southern Plains and Eastern Woodlands Tribes.

Traveling Exhibit

The Standard Classroom

The Standard Classroom is most often arranged with our objects on open display. A teepee and a wigwam are also available for exhibit. Classes benefit on an educational and personal level as all lectures are delivered by our Native American Interpreters, who give first hand personal attention, knowledge and experience. Students will see just how unique Native people are and how our beadwork, drums, silverwork, clothing and quill work differ from region to region.

The Combination Program

The Combination Program includes an Assembly Presentation where students not only view the dances and hear our songs performed, but can actively participate in the social dancing. This unique and personal interaction creates a noteworthy experience that is shared by all. The dances, drumming, and singing performed vary from the Southern and Northern Plains to the Eastern Woodlands.