Educational Programs

The Redhawk Dance Troupe School Program

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Posted: Jan. 26, 2018 by Long Island News12

Since 1993, the Redhawk Native American Arts Council’s performing artists have been educating students, delighting audiences from Radio City in New York to Hong Kong, China, and assisting corporations with their Diversity Awareness. Our performers have created programs that educate our audiences about Native American history while emphasizing our culture today.

Educational Programs

We have fashioned breathtaking performances that will make one’s heart soar while experiencing an explosion of color and sound. Traditional dances and stories are combined with a contemporary style of presenting that continues to capture audiences around the globe. The Redhawk Dancers create educational programs for school groups from pre-kindergarten through university level, as well as various libraries across the tri-state area. Our organization also produces fun and exciting Diversity Awareness Programs for corporations and government agencies across the Nation as well.

Redhawk Dance Troupe

Young students enjoy our programs because our artists create an atmosphere that makes education and learning fun. Students will learn the difference in the music, dance and culture of the many Native American nations from across the country. World champion dancers demonstrate their styles of dance and deliver a description of the dance’s origin and significance. An explanation of the regalia worn during the performances is also given.

Our artists always perform to live music; never pre-recorded. Students have the rare opportunity to witness and participate in dances from the Southwest, Northern Plains and Eastern Woodlands. Stories are not just told; they evolve into theatrical performances that help break stereotypes and allow students to relate to Native Americas today. Tri-state area students studying Native American history of the Eastern Woodlands have the incomparable opportunity to view a Native American educator from that area who can talk about his own history, culture and current life experiences.



Library Programs

Librarians are excited when our artist turns an educational program into a fun family experience. Parents are delighted watching their children show enthusiasm learning about different cultures and participating in dances and music. Our message of respecting the earth, our elders and working hard to be the best you can be, is always a favorite with educators and parents.


University organizations enjoy the various performances our artists are able to provide. Environmental groups understand our close relationships with the environment and the different dances we perform in honor of the earth, sun, water, plant life, animals and harvest ceremonies. Theater groups enjoy our actual renditions of creation stories, births of dances and the creation of our musical instruments. Latin Organizations can experience the many programs our Native artists from South America and the Caribbean present.

Corporate Employee Diversity Programs

Corporations, both public and private, as well as government agencies, have utilized our artists and educators to present programs that help their employees better understand Native Americans – cultures past, present and what the future holds for Americas first people. Our artists create fun exciting programs and have little difficulty getting employees out of their seats to dance with us. Lectures on diversity in the workplace, fighting stereotypes and the close relationship between Native Americans of North and South America are available.

Earth Programs

Redhawk Arts Council creates programs and workshops with a focus on the relationship between Indigenous cultures and our Mother Earth. Through dance, music and other artistic forms of expression, students experience this close relationship firsthand. We share with our audience the importance of green living in today’s societies and the ways we can live in harmony with the environment.

Traveling Exhibits

Our traveling museum allows students to see up-close the differences in our history, cultures and artwork. Classrooms are transformed into a mini museum with objects and artifacts from Nations and tribes across the Americas, in regions such as the Northern Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Southern Plains, Southwest, Southeast, South American and Polynesian. We specialize in Eastern Woodlands’ displays and share objects representing the original inhabitants of the New York City region. Students are able to touch many of the objects assisting in a better understanding and appreciation of the cultures.

Lectures, Keynote Speakers, Diversity and Tolerance Programs

Our council represents artist well-versed on First Nations’ issues, traditions and tribal affairs. These artists are available for lectures and presentations for both educational institutions as well as corporate diversity programs. Redhawk also has artists who conduct tolerance programs. These programs are designed to help students and adults learn how traditional Native American life styles can be applied in teaching tolerance and understanding in today’s society.


We present workshops on various subjects relating to Native American cultures and history.Instrument Making; drums, flutes and rattles.Artwork; pottery, dream catchers, beadwork, carvings, jewelry creation.Native American Dance; Contemporary, traditional and social. We also present residencies on various traditions from different Nations, Iroquois, Lenni Lenape, Lakota, Cherokee, Navajo and Comanche, to name a few.

  • Instrument making (drum, flute, rattles)
  • Crafts (dream catchers, dance sticks, jewelry, feather and leather work)
  • Storytelling (creating stories, traditional stories, contemporary works)
  • Dance and Development of dance. (hoop, traditional, contemporary, Northern Plains, Southern Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Southeast Woodlands). Students focus on three areas: learn a Nations history, Native culture and present day Native life. A class will create a dance relating to the past lifestyle and culture, create a dance for the present, and combine what was learned about both lifestyles and cultures to look into the future. This workshop helps students become actively involved as they will not just study a particular Nation of people, but will actually create a dance, which will be performed at the culmination of the workshop.
  • Education (history of various Nations both North and South American)
  • Teachers (evaluation of resources and curriculum educators are using to teach students)

Workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.